Between Five Bells


White - 2013
Red - 2013
H-Cote - 2013
Rosé - 2014
F&F - 2013

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Region: Geelong, Victoria

Winemaker: Ray Nadeson



Between Five Bells is, at its heart, a collective. We all have other jobs and need to make the time to concentrate on this idea. We do love it though, and think our varied backgrounds make for some interesting views and help with the overall creative flow. David works in the family wine-distribution firm, (as the sixth generation), Ray is the proprietor, viticulturist and winemaker for the wonderful Lethbridge Wines, Josh is a highly regarded sommelier in Sydney, and Alex makes wines for both Lethbridge and his own label, Byrne Wines.

THE B5B TALE The brief tale is one of an idea and some
friends. In 2009 I, David, had too many glasses of wine with
a friend, Josh. The result was a decision to visit another
friend, Ray, with the newly formed idea of starting a wine
label with the sole goal of making delicious, drinkable wine. Ignoring what I've now learnt are actually quite useful
guidelines for what you should, and shouldn't do, in starting a wine business, we have created a world of wines that are all about drinkability first, and varieties, marketing and expectations second.


“David Fesq...what he’s doing with his Between Five Bells label, in collaboration with renowned Geelong winemaker Ray Nadeson, is extremely new and exciting.”
— Max Allen, The Australian NOVEMBER 2013

“2013 Between Five Bells WHITE...Ultimately this is beyond just ‘being’ delicious, it’s a bit of wine artistry...”
— Andrew Graham,